Thursday, December 2, 2010

air conditioning heat pumps

High-efficiency pumps for OEM applications in refrigeration and air conditioning and heat pumps and heating

The "Wilo-Stratos Pico OEM" the pump expert Wilo has its range in high-efficiency pumps for OEM applications in the refrigeration and air-conditioning and heat pumps for heating applications and is a particularly energy-saving model rounded.

The electronically controlled wet-rotor pump has a very low power consumption in a compact design and is designed for a range of fluid between +2 ° C and +110 ° C suitable. It can also water-/glykol-mixes up to a ratio of 1:1 should be encouraged. The new high-efficiency pump is designed for heads up to 6 meters.

The "Wilo-Stratos PICO OEM" consumed by a newly developed pump motor with "3-watt technology," only half as much electricity as required by the current best energy efficiency class A for heating pumps. This is the new high-efficiency pump - the manufacturer - with up to 90 percent power savings compared to the old unregulated pumps more efficiently than any other pump energy efficiency class A.