Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A cool head in the car: dealing properly with air conditioning

Previously, only the wealthy could afford an air conditioner in the
car. For up to the 90s gave the automaker's accessories primarily in
the luxury class sedans.
Smelly smell coming from the air: The reason for this may be moisture
in the heat exchanger - thus forming bacteria there. (Picture: Hella /
dpa / tmn)
Hanover - Previously only the wealthy could afford an air conditioner
in the car. For up to the 90s gave the automaker's accessories
primarily in the luxury class sedans. That has changed.
The advantages of the cooling air flows are also long been appreciated
by owners of conventional small cars. You can now afford the extra
money for little or get it shipped from the factory at no extra
charge. But the obviousness of the climate system means that hardly
anyone cares anymore, how to maintain and operate.
As a matter of course have become air-conditioning systems, the
statistics show. Were so equipped in the early 90s, only new cars in

the single digit percentage range, with the cooling system. "In 2008,
90 percent of new cars have air-conditioning," automotive researcher
Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer from the University of Duisburg-Essen.
The correct way so that is still not self-evident. The errors begin
with the fact that it is used only when it is hot and should be
requested at the push cold air. Who operated the switch, but only once
every blue moon, it must also expect to notice that only a gentle
breeze is. Because, according to Hermann Schenk of the Society for
Technical Surveillance (GTÜ) in Stuttgart: "An air conditioner should
run regularly." In extreme cases it can come in a long time unused
device otherwise damage the air conditioning compressor. The result
has an expensive repair.
Background is loud Arnulf Thiemel ADAC technology center in the
Bavarian town of Landsberg, the fact that the coolant in the system as
a lubricant for the compressor cooling effect. If the air conditioning
is not used, it may lack of lubrication. Any problems with the
compressor make itself felt in the form of a reduced cooling capacity.
So it is advised despite the air conditioner switched not cooler in
the car, Hermann Schenk, turn off the system and to manage a workshop.
In principle also states that an air conditioner in the car is never
completely sealed. It is therefore always lead to loss of coolant.
Gero Eggers advised by TÜV Nord in Hannover, therefore, about once a
year to make a visual inspection to make. Air conditioning systems
vendors such as Behr Hella Service in Schwäbisch Hall also recommend
to make a biennial air service. This includes functional and
performance test or the change of the refrigerant. "The liquid is
recycled here," says Hermann Schenk. Any contaminants such as oil and
water are removed, refilled the purified liquid again and lost the
A typical problem around the air conditioning is odor. The focus is
called the heat exchanger. In it, the cool air is produced. The
cooling fluid cools the entire unit from the inside - the outside but
there is the relatively warm ambient air. This leads to the formation
of moisture, which in turn is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
These then provide for the annoying odor.
A large part of the problem but can be used with conscious or non-use
of air conditioning control. "It makes sense to turn off the system
for about five to ten minutes before parking the car," advises Gero
Eggers. Then the wind while the remaining distance with air
conditioning switched off the surfaces dry. The bacteria is removed
from much of their livelihood, and the odor is largely prevented.
But the correct use of air conditioning is not just about technology.
So advise the experts on it, adjust the cooling to temperatures near
the freezing point. "The temperature in the vehicle should not exceed
five degrees below the outdoor temperature," advises Arnulf Thiemel.
For larger differences, including threatening a cold. Also cause
conjunctivitis through the cold air from the nozzles may be the