Thursday, December 2, 2010

air conditioning heat pumps

High-efficiency pumps for OEM applications in refrigeration and air conditioning and heat pumps and heating

The "Wilo-Stratos Pico OEM" the pump expert Wilo has its range in high-efficiency pumps for OEM applications in the refrigeration and air-conditioning and heat pumps for heating applications and is a particularly energy-saving model rounded.

The electronically controlled wet-rotor pump has a very low power consumption in a compact design and is designed for a range of fluid between +2 ° C and +110 ° C suitable. It can also water-/glykol-mixes up to a ratio of 1:1 should be encouraged. The new high-efficiency pump is designed for heads up to 6 meters.

The "Wilo-Stratos PICO OEM" consumed by a newly developed pump motor with "3-watt technology," only half as much electricity as required by the current best energy efficiency class A for heating pumps. This is the new high-efficiency pump - the manufacturer - with up to 90 percent power savings compared to the old unregulated pumps more efficiently than any other pump energy efficiency class A.

A particularly wide application range also offers the developed specifically for the OEM market high-efficiency pump "Wilo-Stratos PARA. This can be realized heads up to 12 meters. The wet rotor pumps are designed for a very wide range of fluid temperature between -10 ° C and up to +110 ° C suitable. As OEM products, they can come not only in heating systems and solar systems, but also in the brine and heating circuits of heat pumps as well as in industrially produced air conditioning and refrigeration components are used.

In cold areas, the "Wilo-Stratos PARA" effective against defects and failure protected by condensation. Motor and electronic module are thermally decoupled, so that there is no reflected moisture. The pump has a special flow labyrinth in which the condensate is discharged through openings provided for this purpose. A cataphoresis coating effectively protects against corrosion on the housing. In addition, the high-efficiency pump with the cold dam shell "Wilo-ClimaForm" be safe. This consists of a flexible elastomer material AF / Armaflex, which has a high water vapor diffusion resistance and low thermal conductivity. The shell system is prefabricated precise fits and encloses the pump housing without affecting the condensate drainage system in its function.

The OEM high-efficiency pump Wilo are characterized by a rapid and reliable electrical installation, commissioning and operation particularly easy by the famous Wilo pumps "red button" feature. The manufacturer stresses that both series are already the most strict requirements of the 2015 second stage of the Regulation for glandless pumps under the European Eco-design Directive (also known as ERP / EuP Directive) requirements.